About us

Our Mission

Berows International Scholarship Program Test (BISPT) is a merit-based scholarship test conducted by Berows with the assistance of various Educational Institutions, trusts, and NGOs from all over the world.

To furnish an online platform to students with brilliant minds and allowing them to exhibit their knowledge by participating in the quizzes organized and earn scholarships. To compel the young blooming minds of students to expand and attain as much knowledge as possible for the betterment of themselves as well as society.

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The sole objective behind conducting the BISPT scholarship exam is to motivate meritorious and talented students and resolve financial problems in their family which restrain them from obtaining a quality education in reputed institutions. With the help of the BISPT scholarship, they will be able to enroll in their dream courses and create a better future for themselves and their family.

Our Mission

BISPT will be providing scholarships to a total of 5,000+ students with a cash award up to 12 Lakh INR and will help more than 10,000 students in getting admission to various Universities/Institutions/Colleges by providing them a lumpsum amount as per their rank.

Our Core Values

We the BISPT team aim at providing the best opportunities to the youth of our country without any prejudices. Our organization is always in search of the best minds across the world. We nourish them and make them capable of achieving their dreams. We follow our ethics and give the best to students.

The values which guide us at Berows are:


Why BISPT Scholarship Portal – Why It Was Created?

The key objectives behind the creation of BISPT scholarship include:

  • To ensure that the scholarship is being disbursed to students on a timely basis
  • To create a transparency scholar’s database
  • To extend support in seeking an excellent education for talented and meritorious students pursuing academic and personal goals.
  • To foster knowledge, encourage self-awareness, and imbibe personal and intellectual growth through BISPT scholarships.
  • To provide access to student’s education and helps in shaping their future.

BISPT Scholarship Portal – Apply Through Online :

  • To make scholarship application more easier and convenient for the students
  • To make students appear for the exam online from home.


Get Scholarships Updates :

Facing Financial Difficulties in completing Education!!! Check BISPT scholarship (highlights)

NOTE:- Any inquiries/queries relating to the exam/complaints/grievances mail to our official mail id from your registered mail id OR You can send us a message on our WhatsApp OR you can call us anytime.